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For some reason I just see Dave’s family life like this: Dave’s mother left when he was still pretty young(5 or 6 maybe) and so he and his father live alone. Dave never really knew why his mom left and he’s tried to hate her but he can’t… All he remembers of her is good. He remembers how she always played with him and gave him all of her attention, she protected him and supported him, and she smiled like no other.

His dad never really talks about his mother or why she left and Dave stopped asking when he got a bit older. They don’t talk much but they’re close in their own way. Dave had tried to be mad at his dad when he went through a rebellious stage, but couldn’t manage that either. He saw how his dad hurt in the early years and how lonely he is now.

Overall, they have a silent but loving and accepting relationship. Both proud of the other and both trying to deserve that pride.

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