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Hudofsky in The Sue Sylvester Shuffle

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this is high school. people’s memory for good stuff lasts about as long as their facebook status.

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Lima Losers (Fave Hudofsky)

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Finn: I just want to let you know that if you ever get over him, I’m available.

Dave: …

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Dave sat in his room, lights off and silence looming. A glow came from his computer screen and the street lamp outside his window. He sat at his desk, eyes fixed on nothing as he tried to make sense of himself. There were no coherent thoughts in his head, just a jumbled mess of darkness and terror. Why was he so terrified? It made no sense. He shouldn’t be this frightened by his mind. He shouldn’t be this worried about the world and others. Yet he was. It made no sense but he was.

His breathing was labored as he felt a weight on his chest. Crying out into the still house, Dave dropped his head into his hands and gripped his hair roughly. How could his thoughts cause him so much pain? He was terrified just thinking how much control his out-of-control thoughts had over him. Why couldn’t he stop this?

The torrent of thoughts had no clear outlines. They were flashing and bright and brought with them an ache or sharpness. Though he couldn’t define them, he knew what they were. He knew what always plagued him so. They were so many and yet so few. Each could be expounded infinitely or condensed down.

He hated himself. He hated himself for the things he had done and for the things he had become. He had hurt others, terrified others- he had become a tormentor. He hated himself for being the tormentor of the one boy who might be able to understand him, help him. He hated himself for having no control over his anger, his fear and self-loathing the fuel. He hated himself for liking guys. He hated that he was gay.

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