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Quartie is the perfect ship that never had the chance. Quinn and Artie have never been anything less than 100% supportive of one another, from a simple pat on the back to being the only person to say they believe in them. Every look between them overflows with love.

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Every Glee song ever 
Up Up Up

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AU: in which Artie and Quinn are the main couple of the show

"Good luck on stage out there, Quinn, You’re gonna be-"

"I love you,"

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neihuas: i fucking swear there was a Quartie fan fiction where Artie said to Quinn "your chariot awaits" I thought of it as soon as I heard him say it but I can't remember which one it was ugh


I think I know what you’re talking about. I don’t remember the name but I remember reading something similar.

It’s like RIB wants to recreate Quartie, but what they don’t understand is that Kitty isn’t anything like Quinn. They literally have nothing in common other than being blonde and they were both Cheerios.

They should’ve just built onto Quartie after Big Brother instead of Quoe.

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Favourite Glee Character Meme   Other Ships [1/2]

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quartie - memories | requested by purrpickle

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The ramp scene with Artie and Quinn in “Big Brother” was one of the most touching, sad, inspirational and well acted scenes in the show.

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Oops I did a thing. 

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I'll Be There

The Jackson Five

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Imagine Quartie as kids, and Artie sings this song to Quinn.


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glee character meme:

2/3 solos ↪ dream a little dream

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