Currently trying to kick myself into gear.

"Get to work, Skylar!"



"Ugh I’m so horny! We should totally do it, Santana."

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When I’m home feeling you holding me tight, tight, yeah.

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we have 43 days left to be at least friends.

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Pezberry Kisses for Anon

"Fuck, Rach." She gasped for breath, lungs feeling heavy and the air thick about them. Rachel pressed on top of her, trapped against the couch and heat overwhelming her. She struggled to breathe in the most delicious way and stopped caring when a small hand tugged her back in, mouth opening to welcome the heat.

She chatted with Dave; catching up with him, teasing him lightly, and simply enjoying seeing him after weeks of missed calls and busy schedules. A coffee, precise to her liking, was set in front of her as Rachel slipped into the seat beside her. Pressing a quick kiss to her cheek, the girl sat quietly letting the friends talk. Dave smirked and Santana simply smiled, asking about Dave’s new place. 


"But, Rach-"

"No." Rachel leaned up and kissed the tip of Santana’s nose as she pouted. Grumbling, Santana dropped it.

"Happy Birthday, Babe." Santana bent down to smooth a kiss to Rachel’s forehead, lingering as she slipped a slim box into the girl’s hands.

She wasn’t exactly jealous, more so… determined. Because yes, she fully understood how hot her girlfriend was and it would be silly to think no one would ever hit on her. Actually, it made her feel a little proud to know her girlfriend had no intention of being anywhere but with her. That said, she also couldn’t expect her own ambitious nature not to flare up on occasion. She liked to make sure others knew who Santana was with and would stay with for the entirety of the night.

With a sharp, playful glint in her eye, Rachel made her way back to Santana’s side. Greeting her girlfriend with a bright smile as if she didn’t notice the girl just to her right, Santana smiling back. She raised to her tip-toes, hand reaching up to lay on her girls neck, pulling her down and into a quick but firm kiss. 

"That was very sweet of you," Rachel smiled warmly, wrapping her arms about Santana’s waist.

Shrugging, Santana did the same to Rachel, entwined together. “Tell that to the kid’s mom, she’s gonna have to deal with the sugar rush.”

Rachel chuckled, shaking her head at the dismissal. She pressed a soft kiss to her lips. “You are very sweet.”

"Fairs are oddly romantic, don’t you think? I mean, yes, there are lots of fried food smells, loud noises and screams, children and teen running all over and wrecking havoc… But there’s something about it all that seem so intimate as well. What with walking around and enjoying a day together, laughing and running around excitedly, and let’s not forget the Ferris Wheel, particularly at night, it’s all just so-"

"Rachel, shut up," Santana murmured as she tilted the girl’s head back, lips ghosting over hers before pressing forward. 

A warm breath hushed over her face as lips brushed across her eyelids, a low whisper lulled her. “Sleep well, Love.”

Lips and teeth seared along her jaw, her hand tangled in hair and stretching out her neck, urging her small if tenacious girlfriend on. Nips along her neck quickened her heartbeat, eyes closing as she gave herself over to her love’s motions. Lips pressed gently to her collarbone before a hot mouth latch on and all air left her in a low moan.

It was quiet, the room feeling empty yet so very heavy and pressing down on her. She felt tangled and trapped in the blankets she had already kicked off, lungs tight and breathing shallow as she stared up at the ceiling. Tears slipped down her face, running along her ear and seeping into her hair as her heart thudded painfully. And Rachel was there, quiet and supportive, lips hovering above her heart.

Rachel giggled as Santana kissed her ticklish spot, wriggling under smiling lips. Hands holding her fast Rachel knew she should have just stayed quiet as lips sought out her every ticklish spot.

Fingers smoothed long black hair back, eyes meeting in a warm glance as tender kisses spread across her hips.

It shouldn’t feel so much like goodbye. But it did. As she desperately kissed the girl slipping from her hands, her heart lurching as rain poured down on her. “Rachel…”

"Hi, honey," Rachel greeted, leaning down as Santana dropped her head against the back of the couch for a kiss hello.

A/N: That’s all I’ve got for tonight, I may do the others but I make no promises! Thank you anon, I missed writing Pezberry ^_^

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glee character meme: two other ships » rachel berry/santana lopez [1/2]

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“Millions and millions of years would still not give me half enough time to describe that tiny instant of all eternity when you put your arms around me and I put my arms around you.” - Jacques Prévert

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purrpickle: "So I wasn't the only one who thought she was hot, ey?"

Continuation of this.

“Uh yeah, astronomy,” he quickly lies, lunging forward and grabbing the notebook out of her hands. Then immediately looking sheepish, added, “‘Star’ is easier to read.” Another lie. He cleared his throat and nudged the notebook. “Thanks.”

Rachel watched him amused and confused. “Sure.” Her smile quirks and he feels his words slipping even further away from him. So he tries to laugh but it comes out too loud and he probably looks like a psycho about now.

But she brushes it off.

“Hey, I’m having a little party at my place tonight. Come?”

He spaced then twitched. “Yeah, definitely! That’d be awesome.” Sam grinned, he liked the idea of seeing Rachel outside of school and glee and it happened so rarely.

“It’s just the glee club really since, well, they’re really the only people I know. And Finn would never ask his friends to a glee thing. Or a party of mine.” She still smiled but Sam could hear it, see it - the insecurity and loneliness, maybe resentment?

“I would,” he blurted. At her startled expression he quickly tried to cover up. “Love to come. I’d love to go the your party.” He cleared his throat -again- and nods with a lax smile, hoping to appear nonchalant but most likely utterly failing.

She laughed and Sam didn’t mind if he was making a complete fool of himself.

“Well alright, I’ll see you later than? You can come over around 7 or 8 or whenever really.” She gives him a little wave as she turns to leave.

“Cool!” he called out, a bit too enthusiastic maybe.

‘Calm down man. It’s just a party. A glee club party. She’d invite everyone so it’s not like she thought of you specially or anything. Be cool. She’s with Finn. Leave it.’ His mental pep-talk didn’t do much to calm his jitters, as if their little interaction had caused a overflow of adrenaline to run through him.

“So I’m not the only one who thinks she’s hot, ey?”

Jumping for the second time, he spun to see Santana leaning against the lockers looking… smug? Predatory? Condescending? All of the above?


She scoffed, rolled her eyes, and pushed off of the lockers to inch closer. “You wants on Berry. And don’t deny it, Lips, you’re a terrible liar.”

His grip tightened on his notebook and, with wide eyes, he scrambled for a response.

She held up a hand and his mouth snapped shut. “You want her, I know it and that stalker’s guidebook to Berryland? Pathetic and creepy. So I suggest not to make a fool of yourself, but since I know you are,” Her finger jabbing into his chest, she leans in close and he’s pretty damn terrified. “Game. On.” And she walked away. Or more like strutted.

He was so confused and scared and still excited about later. But he took a moment to process everything and realized that Santana was basically saying he had a chance with Rachel. Well, maybe that she herself had a chance with Rachel but didn’t that mean that Finn and Rachel may not be meant for each other? That others saw flaws in their ‘true love’? He might actually have a chance? And he had noticed Rachel brought several batches of vegan chocolate cookies this week and had been viciously chopping down on some celery just yesterday…

He flips open his notebook and fishes a pen out of his pocket. Pen cap help between his teeth, he writes: Santana into Rachel. Told me ‘game on’ - means their might be a chance for me?

‘Party tonight. BE COOL.’

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purrpickle: Curling up with her favorite book, Rachel...

Curling up with her favorite book, Rachel settled into the quiet of the apartment. She rarely got some quiet time to herself. Always running about trying to rehearse and practice and better herself to achieve her dreams. And when she did have some downtime, her other half was usually around, which she didn’t mind of course, but still meant little time just by herself. It was nice. And she was glad to finally have some more time to do some reading.

People may not believe it or expect it, but Rachel loved sci-fi and fantasy. She read all sorts of literature yes, but this genre had a special place in her heart. Loving the adventure and fantastical elements, the other worldly creatures and catastrophes - it was all just so thrilling and enthralling to her.

So she sat curled into the corner of her couch and read of dragons living in harmony with people, dangers in the sky, and a dash of romance. She adored them; these stories and characters and romances. This particular couple, she was very fond of and she was finally getting to read more of them. So long away from the book and instantly she was drawn back in. She was smiling and rereading passages, taking her time with the material-

“Earth to Rachel!” Rachel’s head jerked up to find Santana standing in front of her. “I’ve been stomping all over the place and you haven’t shushed me once. Must be a good book.” Santana dropped into the other side of the couch casually.

Rachel stared a moment, coming back to the world, then blurted with a bank expression, “We have to make love on a beach. Or in a patch of ferns.”

Santana just raised a confused, if interested, brow.

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purrpickle: Tonsils.

“Stop freaking out, you’re freaking me out.”

“I’m not freaking out, I’m simply trying to take care of you.”

“I’ve got a sore throat not a severed limb for Christ’s sake! I can walk on my own, eat on my own, and I can certainly go to the bathroom on my own!”

She whimpers. The diva actually whimpers. Santana sighs.

“I’m fine. I swear, just let me breathe.”

Rachel’s eyes are down and she swears she can see her trembling.

“God Rahel, I’m the one who’s sick here, not you. What’s wrong with you!?”

A mumble.

“Speak up, Berry.”

“You have such a lovely voice.” It was spoken so softly yet so honestly that Santana had no idea how to respond. Or where the statement came from to begin with. So she just stared until the girl glanced up at her. “I just… I don’t want anything to happen that could damage it and you are of course more that your singing voice -you are very talented in numerous areas, Santana- but, well… It’s rather selfish really. I’d miss singing with you terribly and simply listening to you and-“

“Whoa whoa! Hold up. Who said I’d lose my voice? what the hell are you rambling on about?” 

A pause faltered through the air, Rachel shifted to her other foot, and Santana remembered.

“It’s just a sore throat. People get sore throats all the time.” She stepped forward and placed a hand on Rachel’s shoulder. “I promise me and my voice will be fine. You’ll have your excellent duet partner around for a while yet.” She gave the shoulder a squeeze and smiled a tiny but genuine smile. She couldn’t help how the girl’s concern pleased her.

She was given a smile in return and she turned to head out of the living room. “And by the way, I’ve already had my tonsils removed.”

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