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Here comes the sun,
Here comes the sun

It’s all right,
It’s all right

    -The Beatles



For my bestie, CC! Because she deserves all the sunshine and happiness in the world - Love you! <3

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"Much like her body, her spirit never recovered."

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Who’s the beauty?

And who’s the beast?

Somewhat based off an idea I had of writing little ficlets for each character in each ship and explaining why each saw themselves as the beast and the other as the beauty.

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A/N: I don’t even know where this came from, but here it is! May be a bit wonky but I blame my hyperness. :]

Artie doesn’t want to pressure Quinn for anything. He wants to be a good, thoughtful boyfriend and remain a gentleman. His thoughts may wander but his hands don’t. -Just some inner Artie thoughts and reassuring as he makes out with Quinn.

T rating I guess.


Thoughts Do Not A Man Make

It had been a couple months since they’d started dating; a couple wonderful months. Artie was still in a bit of shock really. Quinn Fabray was dating him, she was his girlfriend and had been spending as much of her time with him as she could. Just a couple weeks ago she’d told him she loved him… He was still on a bit of a high from that. To be honest, they both were after their exchange of their first ‘I love you’s. They were all grins and laughs and tender looks and touches. He was so happy, so in love with her. His dreams and hopes were filled with her and he wasn’t even frightened or wary as he thought he might be entering into another relationship; because Quinn was true with him and he knows, just knows, she feels the same. It was bliss.

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A/N: Sexy Quartie!

Set in the future when they’re living together, maybe even engaged and thinking about duck farms. Artie’s directing career is taking off and Quinn is becoming a more well-known actress. They’re happy and in love and ever-adorable. This isn’t important to the fic in the least, just sharing my background thoughts ‘cuz Quartie feels X]

Warning: Pure smut. Nothing much more than that quite honestly. 


Satisfy Me

Artie closed their apartment door, locking it and tossing his bag into the corner. He’d had a long day and was looking forward to just relaxing with his girl. A movie and cuddles sounded incredible.

“Babe?” he called out. The place was quiet and dark, no sign of Quinn anywhere even though he knew she’d be home. Brow furrowing, he rolled through their place, half expecting a giggly blonde to jump out and tackle him(it’s happened more than once), but the further into the apartment he got, the less likely that became. Maybe she went to bed early? He remembered her telling him how stressed and restless she’d been feeling for the past few days now. Still, it was rare for her to just go to bed without sending him a quick text. Plus, something just felt… different…

Moving down the short hallway to their bedroom, he saw a warm glow creep out across the floor and wall as the door sat slightly ajar. He smiled as he made his way down the hall. Reaching out and pushing the door open, he expected to see his girlfriend curled up on their bed with a book.

That was far from the sight he received.

“Quinn, I-” Words fell and throat went dry as he took in the glory before him, heart rate instantly jumping into action.

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Quartie Week is like heaven. And it’s only Monday. :’]

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A/N: So I kinda just ignored the whole “Lucy Caboosey” thing. Though I suppose it could still happen later. *shrugs* Finally wrote this :’] I hope it’s coherent!


Yellow Gloves and Flower Crowns

Quinn, well, Lucy Fabray sat daydreaming off to the side of the playground. It was recess and she would sometimes run around with the other kids or follow some of the girls, giggling with them at whatever they were giggling at, but today was one of those days she just wanted to think and play in her own head. She liked it. She could be anything or go anywhere she wanted. She could be someone of importance… At home she was rarely listened to, mostly just told the rules and set on strict schedules and yelled at if she misbehaved. At school she mostly followed the others, tagged along on their fun. Didn’t speak up in class unless called on, didn’t cause trouble or outshine others. She just sorta… was. So when she got to pretend she was someone amazing, she felt most happy.

“You can’t be a prince!” The young voice was disbelieving and edging on annoyed as it traveled over the playground.

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Let It Be, Love

A/N: Set sometime between Nationals and Goodbye. Artie loves her and he needs her to know.

Dedicated to my bestie and twinnie, CC – Thank you for always being there and always making me smile no matter what. You’re the sweetest sweet and one epic butter - I’m insanely lucky to know you. Love you and I wish you all the happiness! Also, I hope this is plenty fluffy for you. It sorta turned less fluffly fluffy than I had planned…


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I really want to participate in Quartie Week Take II but may only get a couple things done. If any.

Because of course the ideas I have are long and will take some time to write out…

The ones I’m working on?

I doubt I’ll even have time for these but Imma try!

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It’s like they cut out all the Joe/Quinn/Artie love triangle shenanigans we were suppose to get, and just gave us the end product - Quartie cuteness.

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She felt odd; really out of sorts and all turned around. But what else was new? Her entire life seemed to be one big whirlwind; a full blown tempest, really. Even when she was focused and determined, destination and goal clear, she was still in an upheaval of some sort. Sometimes it was her own fault, others caused by outside forces. And some was a mix of the two – like now.

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Come on now, guys! The triangle is definitely “heating up”! I mean look what they’ve gone from:


See the difference? In the first, they’re sitting in a line. The second, in a triangle. An actual triangle!

TRIANGLE! Don’t you feel the heat!?

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"It was always you."

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